The greatest thing I have ever done for my son is to spend the summers of his childhood at Camp Cayuga. My son was at Camp Cayuga for twelve summers before he graduated from high school. He spent his summers living with campers and counselors from all over the world. From the over sixty activities offered every day he was able to hone and develop talents that may not have ever been touched. The memories and friendships my son has developed at Camp Cayuga are priceless.

Words can not describe the magic that touches the campers and counselors that spend summers at Camp Cayuga. As the camp photographer I am blessed to see some of the happiest memories a child and counselor may ever create. This happens almost every day at Cayuga. The innocence of a childs play is also found every day. This is like the fountain of youth. Spending summers with kids playing truly keeps you young at heart, and as a teacher, it recharges my "teacher battery" so that I am ready in August for a new set of students. I can not envision my life without spending the summers at Cayuga. It has become part of my inner being and I know I return back to Texas as a better person each summer.

TEX returned to Camp Cayuga in 1999 with his son. In 1999 he was a division director, and then in 2000 he was hired as Cayuga's first full time photographer. TEX has taken over 100,000 pictures while a photographer at Camp Cayuga. In a way it is TEX's job to "capture the memories" that make Cayuga so special. The memories made at Camp Cayuga truly do last a lifetime, and to tell the truth, most of the happiest memories of my life were made at Camp Cayuga.

Mr. Toups (aka TEX) first worked at Camp Cayuga in 1989 as a Camp Counselor. In retrospect, this was the greatest training he ever had for his future as a teacher. TEX is pictured to the right in the back middle at volleyball instruction.