SWAYS  The following SWAYS chronicle the influence of Always Believe on Friday Night LIghts.

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SWAY 3 - How Always Believe spread to Friday Night Lights in Dayton from 2004 to 2012 and GRHS 2013 to 2018‚Äč



Jerry Toups, a 1985 PN-G graduate, was in elementary school from 1974 to 1977 at Port Neches-Groves ISD.  It was during these years that the PN-G Indians had an unbelievable dynasty going to at least the semi-finals and winning the state championship in 1975.  Mr. Toups went to ALL the play-off games, many of which are still the top attended football games in state history, and through that experience he realized the impact of Friday Night Lights on an ENTIRE community. 


Friday Night light's
first produced

Jerry Toups was hired as the first Dayton Bronco athletic trainer in 1992.  He continued his employment there as a middle school math teacher, and in 2005 he started videoing the Dayton Broncos.  As the years progressed the highlight videos evolved into the voice over videos that are now produced at George Ranch High School.  Mr. Toups would like to thank all the Dayton Broncos for the magical memories, including playing in the state title game in 2008.



Each Fall Friday night in Texas is a special time.  At times whole towns turn out to pack a stadium and watch their youth play for school and city pride.  A team that makes it to the playoffs can make the whole town BELIEVE in a special magic that unites the community.  No other sport involves more students producing the stage that is Friday Night Lights.  It is through Friday Night Lights that Mr. Toups reinforces his ALWAYS BELIEVE message to the students of his school.  A student that BELIEVES in himself has been taught the greatest lesson of all.  "All things are possible to him who BELIEVES."  Mark 9:23 

George Ranch High School

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Mr. Toups captures the magic of George Ranch Longhorn Friday Night Lights in images and video.  Each week he produces a "Friday Night Lights" highlight video of the action that involves ALL the students that participate and make Friday evenings in the Fall in Texas extra special.  These videos are posted to the GRHS Athletic Booster Club's YouTube channel.